• ShinoiS Chinese cuisine | Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo-to
  • ShinoiS Chinese cuisine | Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo-to
  • ShinoiS Chinese cuisine | Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo-to

ShinoiS brings you the finest in modern Chinese cuisine with a personal touch.
While maintaining the utmost respect for Chinese culture and traditions, our menu utilizes new cooking techniques and ingredients, occasionally bringing together notes of regional dishes and the cuisine of ethnic minorities to provide you with my fresh take on the world of Chinese cuisine.
As a Japanese chef who has studied the entire range of China's regional cuisine during periods in Hong Kong and Shanghai, I hope you enjoy my work.

Hiroyuki Shinohara

ShinoiS Chinese cuisine | Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo-to

  • My long-held dream finally came to fruition with the opening of my restaurant ShinoiS in Shirokanedai on November 16, 2019.
    I am deeply thankful to everyone who supported me and made this step possible.
    This restaurant has a strong foundation in Chinese cuisine, and pays homage to its traditions and techniques. I hope to hone my craft in pursuit of a modern take on Chinese cuisine that transports it to ever greater heights. It is with this strong desire in mind that I decided to set up my own restaurant.
    I have given this restaurant its name to convey the idea that ShinoiS is the place to explore what the cuisine of Shinohara iS.
    The capitalized S at the end of the name hopes to convey my desire that this restaurant will be beloved by all, and encapsulates my commitment to contributing to the advancement of Chinese cuisine.
    While this is but a small restaurant with seating for just eleven, I have endeavored to create a modern space infused with the essence of the many regions of China that I have visited. I hope you find it a relaxing place to be.
    I look forward to welcoming you, your family and friends whenever you are in the area.

Hiro Shinohara / Owner Chef

I apprenticed under legendary chef Hikoaki Tan at "Akasaka Rikyu".
I then honed my skills at a range of restaurants, including at "Lohotoi" and "Hei Fung Terrace (The Peninsula, Tokyo)," before moving to Hong Kong to work at the "Hong Kong Fung Shing Restaurant," the "Hong Kong Jade Garden" and the "Hong Kong Forum Restaurant."
After returning to Japan, I worked as a chef at "Shangu" in Nishi-Azabu. I won the 2015 RED EGG grand prix at the RED-U35 competition, before heading to Shanghai to supervise the food menu at a bar that was nominated for Asia's/The World's 50 Best Bars. I was subsequently appointed Executive Chef at "The Peacock Room" in Shanghai.
After returning to Japan in June 2019, I opened ShinoiS in Shirokanedai in the following November.

ShinoiS Chinese cuisine | Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo-to



Please book through the website OMAKASE.
We ask for your kind understanding that we are unable to accept bookings or reservation alterations by telephone.

◇Accompanying children

Children of junior high school age (12 years) and above may accompany adult diners. Children will be served the same menu as adults.

◇Coming to the restaurant

・We kindly ask that you allow plenty of time to arrive at the time of your booking. All food will be served as a group. Should any member of the party be late, they will be served dishes from that point onwards. We ask for your kind understanding.
・In order to prevent misunderstandings, we ask that you refrain from making bookings through agents or giving your booking away to friends.
We reserve the right to deny service to anyone other than the person who made the booking.
・This restaurant has no signage. Please find the grey building and take the elevator from the first to the second floor. Feel free to ring us if you are lost.

◇Requests to our diners

We ask for your cooperation on the following points in order to provide a pleasant dining experience for all guests.

・This restaurant is smoke free.
・Ours is a small restaurant, so we kindly ask that you do not leave your seat to take a phone call.
・In order that you can fully appreciate the aromas of our food and wine, we kindly ask that you refrain from wearing strong scents, such as perfume or cologne when visiting our restaurant.
・There is no strict dress code. However, we ask men to please refrain from wearing overly casual clothing, such as shorts or sandals.


If you have any allergies or would prefer to avoid some ingredients, we kindly ask that you contact us at least three days prior to your booking.
We regret that we may be unable to accept bookings from guests who have a broad range of allergies. Please discuss your needs with us when booking.


・Please refrain from photography that causes inconvenience to other guests.
For example, please do not stand to take a photograph, and ensure that guests from other parties are not included in your photograph.
We also ask that you refrain from taking video or audio recordings, as well as photographing our chefs and staff members.
※ We may be forced to ban photography entirely should a large number of our guests neglect to follow these rules. We ask for your kind understanding.

◇Use of private rooms

※ We are only able to accept bookings for counter seating at this time. If you would like to be seated in a private room, please inquire via email.

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- Address

2nd Floor, Building Sakura Namiki, 4-2-7 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo-to, 108-0071

- Access

Three minutes walk from Shirokanedai station on either the Toei Mita or Metro Namboku lines.
Five minutes by taxi from JR Meguro station.
Five minutes by taxi from JR Shinagawa Station.

- Opening hours

17:00 to 20:30 (last entry)

- Seating

Max seven seats at the counter and one private room seating up to four (all non-smoking)

- Service charge

10% for counter seating.
Private room with four guests: 13% / Private room with three guests: +10,000 yen + 13% service charge / Private room with two guests: +20,000 yen +13% service charge
※ For the time being, we can only accept bookings for our counter seating.

- Regular holiday

This restaurant has no regularly scheduled holiday.
※ Please see the booking form on OMAKASEサイトfor more details.

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We have only been able to make it from opening day to this point thanks to our valued guests and superb staff.
In order for ShinoiS to grow, and with an eye to the mid-to-long term, we are currently recruiting one staff member for the kitchen and another as a service attendant.
Please apply if you have have an interest in ShinoiS and are keen to become a member of the team.
Individuals of any experience level, professional background, genre, gender, age, nationality or qualification may apply.
We look forward to cherishing our encounter with you.
If any of the following statements resonate with you, please send an email to

A message from ShinoiS to you,

  • ▪️ Grit and effort will be rewarded.
  • ▪️Rather than focusing upon your previous experience, we are looking for someone who is motivated by a desire to try new things. We believe that it is more important to be curious, candid, conscientious and be a hard worker.
  • ▪️We look forward to welcoming a new member into our team who respects all of our customers and workmates.
  • ▪️ If you have a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism, then we look forward to having you on our team.
  • ▪️ The level required of both our kitchen staff and service attendants is high. However, I will never forget to repay the effort put into meeting these expectations.

I am looking for people who can help grow ShinoiS together. I very much look forward to meeting you.